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Slight diversion for two things before I get into the meaty goodness of my post.

1. I’ve decided that I should force myself to leave a blog post every morning. Most times I’ll focus on what I’m currently learning both from the perspective of a student and an educator of several decades.

2. Several weeks ago I read an interview of Lori Smith by Joyce Akiko (joyceakiko.com).

[fac_icon icon=”quote-left”]Lori Smith is a self-taught coder with absolutely no background in tech, and she’s 60 going on 61… and she just launched her first sites. Today she shares with us why aging isn’t a time of loss, it’s a time of opportunity![fac_icon icon=”quote-right”]

I have to admit that I haven’t listened to the entire episode, but I did read the transcript. There is some really interesting take-aways and I encourage people to head over and give it a read. For myself, it hit a personal chord. As you know from my about page, I’m trying to change careers at middle age. I reached out to Lori (mother-coder.com). She got back to me fairly quickly and also said she is writing up an article on tips for later-life coders and wants to include me! Keep your eyes open here and on her site for the article when it comes out.

Meaty Goodness

wordpress-bikeOkay, I know this has been fought out on a number of sites, but with a new release of Drupal I think it may be time to re-visit the subject.

[fac_icon icon=”wordpress” color=”#1e73be” font_size=”50″]ordpress versus [fac_icon icon=”drupal” color=”#1e73be” font_size=”50″]rupal.

I’ve been building out a set of portfolio pieces, mostly using either straight HTML/LESS or in Drupal, and I have to say, I’m really, really liking Drupal except for my abysmal PHP skills. Now coming back to WordPress I feel confined and slightly lost – even though I’ve built out a ton of sites in the past!

To be fair, most of my focus on the Drupal sites has been building the sites themselves. The work has been split evenly between building a new theme and customizing another one. So I’ve had my hands mainly under the hood, so to say. With WordPress I’m really just using it as a blogging platform. I think I’m going to have to explore the blogging tools available for Drupal to make a more fair comparison, plus get my hands dirty modifying the code over here.

I’m don’t have a lot of experience with either CMS, so I’m reaching out to my readers for help.Which CMS you prefer? Which system if friendlier under the hood versus from a user perspective? How about the quality, cost and number of plugins/modules? WordPress Woocommerce versus Drupal Commerce? So many questions!

Thanks for listening to my brayings!

Published: 03.15.2016

In: Legacy, Programming

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