The Times They Are a-Changin…

Bob_Dylan_Barcelona    No, this post isn’t about Dylan, just a reflection on my life at the moment. I have worked in biomedical research for several decades. I got my doctorate at Harvard in virology. I followed that up with a post-doc before getting a position as an Instructor. After a few years I moved to Yale University ( the dark side) and took a position as an Assistant Professor.

Those were the good years. Publications came easy. I got an R21 and an R01 before the economic downturn kicked in. While I earned promotion to Associate Professor, things no longer flowed as easily. Publications slowed down and grant money dried up. Now, I’m looking to change things up a little. I’ve always been interested in computers (I’ll tell you a story about that when you get to know me better). So, I’m trying to change careers by going through several on-line code camps along with utilizing other resources. Hopefully the stars will align and result in a new position that allows me to use my new skills alongside my long-term expertise in the sciences.

In the meantime, I’ve started this website to record my thoughts on a little bit of everything from computer science and molecular virology to organic, sustainable farming.

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