A new project for Pinegrow!

Posted on: March 20,2021

A new series on development for Pinegrow looking a plugin development from start to finish.

Adding UIkit to Pinegrow: Pt 6

Posted on: August 9,2019

Namaste!      Welcome to part 6 of this tutorial. In this part, we will be covering an additional ‘key:value‘ pair for the options fields and talk about what values are made available to pass to helper functions. To pretty up our options, we will also discuss how to use the built-in ‘PgToggleButtonMaker()‘ function. First, […]

Adding UIkit to Pinegrow: Pt 5

Posted on: July 26,2019

    Namaste!     Welcome to part 5 of this series! In this section, we will be injecting our template resources, covering some helper functions, and then we will add in a custom control for adding UIkit icons to Pinegrow using a built-in modal picker.     To recap our past posts in this […]

Adding UIkit to Pinegrow: Pt. 4

Posted on: July 8,2019

Namaste!!     Edited July 24th to add in another basic input type: the ‘slider’. Added section marked with red asterix. Sorry!     Thanks for sticking with me on this arduous journey. In this installment, we will learn about the three (see edit above, there are four more) other basic input types – the […]

Adding UIkit to Pinegrow: Pt 1

Posted on: June 17,2019

Namaste! NOTE: This post has been edited on July 5, 2019, for clarity (Thanks, Brian!) and to correct an error. And again on Aug. 11, also for clarity (Thanks, Schpengle!) For some reason, some of the JSON sections are not being read correctly when a new project is started, so I will eliminate them and […]