Custom Customizer!

Namaste! This tutorial is going to begin to tackle an integral part of the WordPress ecosystem, the theme customizer. While a portion of thie tutorial is custom to Divi, this tut can be applied to any WordPress theme you are designing. The customizer was introduced a number of years ago and provides a way for the end user to quickly … Continue reading “Custom Customizer!”

Saving Private Divi

Namaste! One complaint that I have heard a lot in the Divi world is that it isn’t easy to find/access the save button on the front-end builder. Wouldn’t it be great if it was right in the admin bar at the top of your screen? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to modify the functions.php file of your child … Continue reading “Saving Private Divi”

Sometimes life is a blur

We meditate so that we can see the miracles unfolding around us. Without stillness, life is a blur. ¬† -Russell Simmons¬† Namaste – Welcome to another Divi tutorial! I had originally planned on doing a post about using Divi shortcodes, but had problems coming up with a decent short example. So, instead I’m posting a tutorial covering a question/comment I … Continue reading “Sometimes life is a blur”