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So, I didn’t make it out of bed when I thought I would this morning, so I didn’t have time to post. I thought I would squeeze a quick one in (wink, wink) before dinner. Right now I’m Stick_and_carrotusing conventional hosting through Green Geeks and through StartLogic. They both have their pluses and minuses. Startlogic was chosen several years ago simply based on price. Green Geeks was chosen because of their resale program where I can buy space and sell it to clients. While this can be an attractive carrot to wave in front of clients. I can offer really cheap hosting and a more permanent link to the person who designed their page, plus it makes deploying their site much easier, since I design it on my resale site and simply turn the admin password over to them once I get payment. However, there is a significant stick being waved at me. The biggest stick is that I am support in this situation. If there site goes down at 3 in the morning my time – guess who has to be on the phone fixing it! The other stick is pricing. While the cost per month isn’t huge, I have no idea when I will get enough clients taking advantage of the offer to break even. THe other thing I was thinking about was finding more of a niche with web app friendly hosting by getting a VPS and reselling space on that device. This however puts me even more behind the service 8 ball. So, what suggestions do all of you have for me?

Published: 03.16.2016

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