Gardening Zones From the USDA

Posted on: March 16,2016

Namaste! Sabine pointed out to me that giving everyone a link to the USDA site would be handy – and she was right! Once you navigate there look for the “Enter ZIP code:” box at the upper left.

Welcome to the Garden!

Posted on: March 15,2016

Namaste! Our site is still dormant from the winter, but it is sure to have green shoots of wisdom pushing up toward the sun soon.  We plan on having an “Ask the Gardener” section, as well as a lot of helpful hints about things like identifying invasive species. In the meantime, sign up in the […]

Which CMS?

Slight diversion for two things before I get into the meaty goodness of my post. 1. I’ve decided that I should force myself to leave a blog post every morning. Most times I’ll focus on what I’m currently learning both from the perspective of a student and an educator of several decades. 2. Several weeks ago […]

Meet Bo

Posted on: December 21,2015

Meet Bo, our sicilian miniature donkey. Unfortunately for him he ended up growing an inch over breed standard at 32″, so they gelded him and we bought him as a companion for my mustang.