Splitting the difference

Posted on: April 13,2017

Namaste! ***UPDATE: I didn’t realize earlier, but enqueueing the multiScroll.js library on non-split screens will break the scrolling capability of the page. I have updated how we enqueue the library to get around this. This tut will look at how to use the multiScroll.js library in Divi. This library is used to create divided multi-scrolling […]

Starry, Starry Night

Posted on: April 1,2017

Namaste! This tutorial is somewhat specialized. Over on Facebook, someone asked how to implement a specific Codepen in Divi. The overall tutorial is pretty specific to this Codepen, but is useful if you want to learn a little jQuery and more about the power of keyframes, so let’s get started!   So, here is a […]

Images going through my head…

Posted on: March 26,2017

Namaste! SO, you want a full-width header, but want it to populate with a new image each time the user visits? This tutorial will show you how to do that, plus how to use javascript to create a slider effect in your header. I chose to put together a demo of the later that you […]

Using Animista

Posted on: March 25,2017

Namaste! I have seen a couple of questions in the various Divi groups about using the animations that are shown on the animista web site. For those of you who don’t know, this site gives you an easy way to generate the styling for a variety of different animations. Basically, you give an animation type (like […]

Where’s Waldo?

Namaste! Your client just asked you to make a map of their store, where the user can click to find out more information about each department. Can you do it? That is the subject of today’s tutorial!I’m electing to accomplish this using SVG graphics. There are several other ways to do this (using <map> for example). […]

Come On Spring!

Posted on: March 23,2017

Namaste! This time of the year is the toughest for me. All of the preparation for the upcoming growing year is going on, but it all takes place inside. Starting seeds, waiting for them to germinate, transplanting. The ground is still too frozen to work here. A mid-March snowstorm dumped two feet of snow on us. […]

jQuery to the Rescue!

Posted on: March 22,2017

Namaste! An issue that has been of some contention in the Divi world is the lack of a privacy/terms-of-service checkbox in the ET Bloom plugin. This is essential users in many countries where it is the law that this is present. Today, I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how you can accomplish […]

All the pretty colors…

Posted on: March 11,2017

Namaste! Just a quick post today to show you all my latest free plugin. I use the code module to put additional HTML into my Divi pages. I use it less often, but occasionally to put in a block of inline style or a script. Overall, using the code module is not a generally pleasant […]

Div transitions

Posted on: March 8,2017

Namaste! Well, luckily with animation, fantasy is your friend. Steven Spielberg This tutorial was once again inspired by a question from Facebook. Not on my prefered page (Divi Theme Tutorials), but I won’t hold it against them! The person was looking at Elegant Themes newly designed page and noticed that there was a CTA just […]

ScrollMagic Fun

Posted on: March 4,2017

Namaste! Today I’m going to try and introduce you to a great javascript library called ScrollMagic.js. I say try because this library lets you do so many things based on the users scrolling that I’ll just be scratching the surface. For example, this library nicely incorporates the extensive Greensock animation library, which I won’t touch […]