“…the next guy that says, ‘Hijinx’, gets pistol whipped…”

So, little Gracie barked a couple of times in the night -not her going out bark, more her, “there is a skunk I want to play with” bark, or her “there is a fox making noise” bark, or even her “a squirrel is eating something out of the large paper bag of birdseed that got left on the porch right outside the front door” bark – so of course we told her to be quiet and go to sleep.

Come this morning, the BoDonkey family woke up and looked out the balcony doors toward the barn only to find the Mustang standing in his favorite spot sleeping – not inside his locked up corral. We went up to feed and found that Dakota’s stall door had been left unlatched. He had pushed it open, proceeded to tear the bale of hay in the aisle apart, and then opened the aisle door to freedom. Luckily the barn is completely fenced, so no foul. The only damage was to the bale that Gracie normally sits on to eat her morning carrot. She was quite disappointed.

Moral of the story, we need to work on expanding Gracie’s vocabulary.

Published: 03.20.2016

In: Critters

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