Adding UIkit to Pinegrow: Pt 3

Posted on: June 28,2019

Namaste!     In this part of the tutorial, we will discuss the overall structure of our plugin, outline the basic parts of a Pinegrow component, and then finally add our first component! Just to recap, we have set up our plugin project with a custom folder structure, added a custom template with JSON instructions […]

Adding UIkit to Pinegrow: Pt 2

Posted on: June 24,2019

Namaste!     In this portion of the tutorial, we will start writing the JavaScript that adds the framework for our UIkit components. While we will utilize many of the built-in properties of the framework constructor, there will be several that I will not use in the code. You can refer to the ‘pinegrow.js’ file […]

Adding UIkit to Pinegrow: Pt 1

Posted on: June 17,2019

Namaste! NOTE: This post has been edited on July 5, 2019, for clarity (Thanks, Brian!) and to correct an error. And again on Aug. 11, also for clarity (Thanks, Schpengle!) For some reason, some of the JSON sections are not being read correctly when a new project is started, so I will eliminate them and […]