Hover like a butterfly….

…Sting like a pseudoclass! So over on one of the Facebook Divi user pages someone asked about how to change one image for another upon hover in Divi. That sounded like a perfect opportunity for a tutorial! Without further ado, let’s learn about the :hover pseudoclass selector. First up, what are pseudoclass selectors? They are a way that we can look … Continue reading “Hover like a butterfly….”

Sometimes life is a blur

We meditate so that we can see the miracles unfolding around us. Without stillness, life is a blur.   -Russell Simmons  Namaste – Welcome to another Divi tutorial! I had originally planned on doing a post about using Divi shortcodes, but had problems coming up with a decent short example. So, instead I’m posting a tutorial covering a question/comment I … Continue reading “Sometimes life is a blur”

Laying Bricks with Masonry.js

Everything looks like a brick when all you have is a trowel and concrete. -no one, ever Presenting the final installment of using a masonry layout with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. Note that this is an affiliate linkout. If you make a purchase through it I will get paid, but it costs you nothing extra. This time we will … Continue reading “Laying Bricks with Masonry.js”

Really, another brick?

Oh for God’s sake, he posted another one. Can’t someone tell him to stop?! -everyone on the Facebook Divi Groups Welcome to part 2.5 of my tutorial to add a masonry output to the Divi theme without using a plugin. I’m labeling this 2.5 because I originally promised to use the Masonry.js library and got a bit distracted. Instead, I’m … Continue reading “Really, another brick?”

Just Another Brick…

Love is like a brick. You can build a house, or you can sink a dead body. Lady Gaga So the fine people of Divi nation (more specifically, those who subscribe to the Divi Theme Tutorials Facebook page) have requested a tutorial on how to implement a masonry layout in Divi from Elegant Themes. This tutorial will be split into two … Continue reading “Just Another Brick…”

No Emoji is strong enough!

I swear to God I can smell that with my eyes, that is not right, that is how bad your cooking smells. Namaste! Just a short post because the retching is interrupting my typing. We were up and down all last night with Mali feeling a lot of pain from surgery and needing comforting. Somewhere around 2:00am Gracie decided to … Continue reading “No Emoji is strong enough!”

Bloom Plugin for Divi and a Tale of Selectors

Today’s tutorial will be a little long-winded to give a simple intro to Parent:Child relationships and selectors. While it is written with Divi as an example, it applies generally to CSS on all types of pages. I’ve been spending a bit of time on Facebook lately looking through various groups dedicated to web design. I’m trying to learn more about … Continue reading “Bloom Plugin for Divi and a Tale of Selectors”