About the Donkey’s Mouth

I have been involved in biomedical research for about 2 decades and decided it is time for a change. I’m currently completing the course work for two on-line code camps: FreeCodeCamp¬†and The Odin Project. Going forward I hope to provide full stack little donkeydesign services for companies involved in health-related services.

This blog will act as a place for me to reflect on programming, learning to program and other things I’m interested in like molecular virology and farming. For right now I’m using a stock WordPress theme, but stay tuned for changes as I build my site! For right now, have fun poking around – check out the various postings using the menu above.



Disclosure: As you look about the site there are various ads for companies that I am affiliated with and receive a payment from if you click-through and purchase a product. Note: this will not change the amount you are charged for the product. Please see the affiliate disclosure page for more information.